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L4 and L5 Disc Prolapse Healed

I’m Varun D’souza from India. About 20 years ago I lifted heavy weight and suddenly I felt severe pain in my back. I had to visit a Doctor as I was unable to move, sit or stand. The Doctor gave me prescription pills and suggested I exercise for my posture but the pain continued for

Healed From Shoulder and Ankle Pain

I had very bad pain in my shoulder for 3 months as well as my ankle – they were both very painful. When Prophet Uebert Angel came to Sri Lanka, I knew it was time for my healing. The pain in my ankle meant I couldn’t walk or even rest properly. But when Prophet Uebert

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Healed

I suffered with carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrist for 1 year which affected me a lot. I couldn’t work properly because of the severe pain I was experiencing. I couldn’t even do light movements, I couldn’t carry my baby and daily tasks became more difficult for me. As I got baptised during the

Healed From Pain In Ribcage

I attended the IVP programme in Zimbabwe as I started having serious pain in my ribcage this year. Even as I travelled to the IVP, I was in a lot of pain and it persisted. I had gone to the doctor who said he couldn’t see anything when he looked at my ribcage so couldn’t

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